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Located on the coast of South Holland, Noordwijk is a paradise for nature lovers and active vacationers. The expansive beaches, lush dunes and picturesque polders offer countless opportunities for hiking and biking. Whether you are an avid hiker, an avid cyclist or just want to enjoy the peace and beauty of nature, Noordwijk has something for everyone. In this blog, we take you on an exploration of the most beautiful hiking and biking routes in and around Noordwijk.

1. Walking routes in Noordwijk

Noordwijk offers a variety of hiking trails that take you through beautiful landscapes and past interesting sights.

a. Beach Walks

A walk along the beach in Noordwijk is a relaxing and invigorating experience.

  • Northern Route: Start at the lighthouse and walk north, past the beach pavilions and through the quiet dune area. This route offers beautiful views of the sea and dunes.
  • Sunrise Walk: Start your day early and enjoy the tranquility and beautiful colors of the sunrise over the North Sea. The beach is often quiet and serene in the morning, perfect for a meditative walk.

b. Dune walks

The dunes of Noordwijk form a unique and varied landscape perfect for hiking.

  • Hollands Duin: This nature reserve, managed by the Forestry Commission, offers several hiking trails of varying lengths and levels of difficulty. The routes are well marked and lead you through a varied landscape of dunes, forests and moors.
  • Dune and Bulb Route: This walking route of about 10 kilometers takes you through the dunes and past the famous bulb fields of Noordwijk. Especially in spring, this route is a feast for the senses, with colorful flowers and fragrant fields.

c. Forest Walks

Noordwijk also has beautiful forests where you can enjoy peace and nature.

  • Panbos: This forest area on the outskirts of Noordwijk is ideal for a quiet walk. There are several marked trails that take you through the forest and past clearings and ponds.
  • New Leeuwenhorst: This nature reserve is a former estate with beautiful hiking trails past historic buildings, water features and through varied forests.

2. Cycling routes in Noordwijk

The area around Noordwijk is excellent for exploring by bicycle. There are several bicycle routes that take you through different landscapes and past interesting sights.

a. Coastal Route

Noordwijk’s coastal route is an absolute must for those who love biking along the sea.

  • Directions: Start at the Noordwijk lighthouse and follow the bike route along the promenade towards Katwijk. The route offers beautiful views of the sea and takes you past several beach pavilions where you can stop for a drink or snack.
  • Distance: The route to Katwijk is about 8 kilometers one way, and you can cycle back via the same road or take a round trip inland.

b. Bulb Region Route

Noordwijk is located in the heart of the famous Bulb Region, an area known for its colorful bulb fields.

  • Directions: Start your bike ride in Noordwijk and follow the signs towards Lisse and Hillegom. This route takes you past vast bulb fields, especially in spring a true spectacle of color and fragrance.
  • Keukenhof: Make a stop at the famous Keukenhof, one of the largest flower gardens in the world, where you can enjoy millions of blooming flowers.
  • Distance: The total route is about 40 kilometers and can be adapted to your own pace and interests.

c. Dune and Polder Route

This route combines the best of both worlds: the rugged beauty of the dunes and the quiet charm of the polders.

  • Directions: Start in Noordwijk and cycle towards Noordwijkerhout and De Zilk. The route takes you through the dunes, along forests and through the open polder landscapes with wide views.
  • Highlights: Along the way you’ll pass quaint villages, historic farms and several natural areas where you can stop for a walk or a picnic.
  • Distance: This route is about 35 kilometers long and offers a varied and interesting cycling adventure.

3. Practical Tips for Walking and Cycling in Noordwijk

To make your hiking and biking adventures in Noordwijk as enjoyable as possible, we have some practical tips for you.

a. Preparation and equipment

  • Hiking gear: Provide comfortable hiking shoes, appropriate clothing for the weather and a backpack with water, snacks and a map or GPS.
  • Bicycle equipment: A good bicycle, possibly with gears, is essential. Don’t forget to bring a bicycle helmet, a bicycle pump, spare tires and a repair kit.

b. Weather and clothing

  • Weather Report: Always check the weather forecast before you leave. The weather on the coast can change quickly, so be prepared for sun, wind and rain.
  • Layers: Wear multiple layers of clothing so you can adapt to changing temperature and conditions.

c. Safety and rules

  • Safety: Always follow safety rules and pay attention to signage along the trails. Bring a cell phone for emergencies.
  • Respect for nature: Stay on the marked trails, do not leave litter and respect the flora and fauna in the natural areas.

d. Rental and facilities

  • Bike rental: There are several places in Noordwijk where you can rent bikes, such as Bicycle Rental Noordwijk and Bike Totaal. They offer a wide range of bikes, from city bikes to e-bikes and mountain bikes.
  • Food and drink: Along the hiking and biking trails, there are several food and drink places where you can stop for a break. Also, always bring plenty of water and snacks yourself.

4. Sights Along the Routes

During your walking and biking tours in and around Noordwijk, there are several sights worth visiting.

a. Lighthouse of Noordwijk

Noordwijk’s lighthouse is an iconic landmark and worth a visit.

  • History: The lighthouse, built in 1921, is an important historical monument and offers a beautiful view of the coast and the hinterland.
  • Visits: During the summer months, the lighthouse is regularly open to the public and you can climb the tower for panoramic views.

b. Offem Estate

Offem estate is a historic estate just outside Noordwijk.

  • Hiking trails: There are several hiking trails through the estate’s gardens and forests. Enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty of this special area.
  • Activities: The estate organizes regular events and activities, such as tours and workshops.

c. Space Expo

Space Expo is a space museum in Noordwijk and a fascinating stopover during your bicycle or walking tour.

  • Exhibitions: Discover all about the history and future of space exploration. There are interactive exhibits and you can admire real spacecraft and satellites.
  • Visits: The museum is open year-round and offers an interesting outing for all ages.

5. Natural areas and Parks

Noordwijk and its surroundings have several natural areas and parks ideal for hiking and biking.

a. Langevelderslag

Langevelderslag is a quiet beach and dune area north of Noordwijk.

  • Hiking and biking: There are several trails through the dunes and along the beach, perfect for a relaxing trip in nature.
  • Wildlife: The area is rich in flora and fauna, and you can spot rabbits, pheasants and various species of birds, among others.

b. The Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes

The Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes is a vast nature reserve between Noordwijk and Zandvoort.

  • Hiking: Open exclusively to hikers, this area offers a network of well-marked trails through dunes, forests and along water bodies.
  • Wildlife: The area is famous for its large population of fallow deer and is a paradise for nature lovers and photographers.

c. Coepelduynen

The Coepelduynen are a smaller dune area between Noordwijk and Katwijk.

  • Hiking and biking: There are several trails through this quiet and unspoiled area. Enjoy the expansive views and serene atmosphere.
  • Nature: This area is less crowded, offering an intimate nature experience.

Noordwijk and its surroundings offer an unprecedented variety of hiking and biking opportunities through beautiful natural areas and past interesting sights. Whether you opt for a relaxing walk on the beach, a challenging bike ride through the dunes or an exploration of the bulb fields, you will always be rewarded with breathtaking views and an invigorating experience. Grab your walking shoes or bike and discover the natural splendor of Noordwijk!



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