Fietsen in Noordwijk - Bungalowverhuur 't Lappennest in Noordwijk

Located on the Dutch coast, Noordwijk is famous not only for its beautiful beaches, but also for the breathtaking landscapes that surround it. With an extensive network of bike trails, Noordwijk is the ideal base for cycling enthusiasts who want to explore the area. In this blog, we’ll take you on a tour of the best bike routes in and around Noordwijk, complete with points of interest, helpful tips and rest stops along the way.

1. Why cycle in Noordwijk?

Cycling in Noordwijk offers a perfect blend of nature, culture and relaxation. South Holland’s flat landscape, combined with well-maintained bike paths, makes it an accessible and enjoyable experience for cyclists of all levels. Moreover, Noordwijk offers a range of landscapes – from dunes and forests to bulb fields and picturesque villages.

2. The most beautiful cycling routes

Here are some of the most popular and impressive cycling routes in the Noordwijk area:

a. Noordwijk – Katwijk – Wassenaar (approx. 30 km)

This route takes you along the coast and through some of South Holland’s most beautiful natural areas.

  • Starting point: Start your route in Noordwijk, at the Lighthouse.
  • Sights: Along the way you pass the beautiful dune area of Meijendel and the historic Landgoed de Wittenburg in Wassenaar. Stop at the Panbos in Katwijk for a break in a picturesque setting.
  • Rest Points: Enjoy a cup of coffee at one of the beach bars in Katwijk or lunch in Wassenaar at one of the cozy cafes.

b. Bollenstreek route (approx. 40 km)

This route is ideal during spring when the flower fields are in bloom.

  • Starting point: Start at the tourist office in Noordwijk.
  • Sights: Cycle past colorful tulip, daffodil and hyacinth fields. Visit Keukenhof in Lisse, the world’s largest flower park, and the charming village of Hillegom.
  • Rest stops: Along the way, you can pause at various picking gardens and farm stores to buy fresh flowers and local produce.

c. Noordwijk – Leiden (approx. 25 km)

Combine nature and culture with a bike ride to the historic city of Leiden.

  • Starting point: Start your tour at the Noordwijk Lighthouse.
  • Sights: Cycle through the picturesque Coepelduynen nature reserve and along Oosterduinse Meer Lake. In Leiden, you can visit numerous museums, such as the National Museum of Antiquities and Naturalis.
  • Rest stops: Have lunch at one of Leiden’s canal restaurants and enjoy the historic city center.

d. Noordwijk – De Zilk – Noordwijkerhout (approx. 20 km)

This shorter route offers a quiet trip through the backcountry.

  • Starting point: Start in the center of Noordwijk.
  • Sightseeing: Explore the picturesque villages of De Zilk and Noordwijkerhout. Cycle along the beautiful lake the Oosterduinse Meer and through the peaceful Plas van Vogelenzang nature reserve.
  • Rest stops: Stop at one of the local cafes in Noordwijkerhout for a refreshing drink.

3. Bike rentals and facilities

Noordwijk offers several bike rental options, ranging from standard city bikes to electric bikes and tandems. Some recommended landlords are:

  • Beach Bike Noordwijk: Located near the beach, this rental shop offers a wide range of bicycles and accessories.
  • Bicycle Rental Noordwijk: A central location with a large selection of bicycles and child seats.
  • Bike Totaal Noordwijk: For high-end and electric bicycles, with excellent service and maintenance options.

Most rental companies also allow you to rent bikes with child seats or trailers, which is ideal for families. Remember to bring a good bike map, or use a cycling app such as Komoot or the Fietsknoop app to plan and navigate your route.

4. Helpful tips for a successful bike ride

To make your bike ride as enjoyable as possible, we have some practical tips for you:

  • Clothing and equipment: Wear comfortable cycling clothes and good shoes. A bicycle helmet is recommended, especially for longer rides. Also bring a raincoat in case the weather turns.
  • Provisions: Provide plenty of water and snacks, such as fruit, energy bars and nuts. Although there are plenty of opportunities to get something to eat and drink along the way, it is helpful to always have something with you.
  • Safety: Follow traffic rules and pay close attention to other road users, especially on busier bike paths and intersections.
  • Planning: Plan your route in advance and consider the distance and your own fitness level. Use junction networks to easily follow and vary your route.

5. Enjoying nature and culture

One of the biggest advantages of cycling in Noordwijk and its surroundings is the chance to fully enjoy nature and culture. Along the routes, you will encounter various sights and natural highlights:

  • Dunes and forests: Dune areas such as Meijendel and Coepelduynen provide a beautiful backdrop for your bike ride. These nature reserves are rich in flora and fauna and perfect for a short stop to enjoy the surroundings.
  • Bulb fields: During spring, the Bulb Region is a true paradise of colors. Plan your bike ride so that you ride past the blooming fields and enjoy the scents and colors.
  • Historic sites: Places like Leiden, with its rich history and cultural heritage, offer a nice change from the natural landscapes. Visit museums, historic buildings and enjoy the charming canals.

6. Rest stops and picnic spots

Along the way, there are plenty of places to pause, enjoy a snack and replenish your energy. Here are some suggestions for rest stops and picnic spots:

  • Picnic in the dunes: Bring a rug and a well-stocked picnic basket and find a quiet spot in the dunes. The Dutch Dunes National Park offers many beautiful places to perch.
  • Coffee and cake: In the villages and along the routes you will find cozy cafes and tea gardens where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. For example, try the tea and coffee garden ‘t Hof van Hillegom.
  • Waterfront lunch: Many routes take you past lakes and canals. Find a waterfront bench or picnic table for a relaxing lunch break overlooking the water.

7. Seasonal highlights

Depending on the season, there are several highlights that can make your bike ride extra special:

  • Spring: The blooming bulb fields are an absolute must-see. Plan your trip during the flowering season, from late March to early May, to get the most out of your visit.
  • Summer: The beaches and dunes are perfect for a cooling stop. Don’t forget to bring your swimwear for a refreshing dip in the North Sea.
  • Autumn: The forests and dunes are beautiful with their autumn colors. It is also a less crowded time of year, ideal for a quiet bike ride.
  • Winter: Although it can be colder, cycling in winter offers a unique experience. The coastline and dunes in winter atmospheres are especially beautiful and the fresh air is invigorating.

8. Cycling events and tours

Noordwijk and the surrounding region regularly organize cycling events and tours that are worth participating in:

  • Noordwijk Cycling Days: An annual event in the summer that features a variety of routes, including guided tours and family routes.
  • Bloemencorso Bollenstreek: Although this event itself is a parade, there are several bicycle tours organized around the parade that take you past the most beautiful flower fields and decorated floats.
  • Leiden Marathon Bike Route: This route, linked to the Leiden Marathon, is a challenging ride through the region with different distances.

Cycling in Noordwijk and the surrounding areas offers an unparalleled way to discover the beauty of South Holland. Whether you are a recreational cyclist or an avid cyclist, there is a suitable route for everyone. Grab your bike, explore the varied landscapes and enjoy all that this beautiful region has to offer.



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