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Noordwijk is not only a popular seaside resort because of its beautiful beaches and dunes, but also a great destination for shopping enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for fashionable clothing, unique souvenirs, local products or cozy boutiques, Noordwijk has it all. In this blog we take you on a shopping adventure through Noordwijk and give you the best tips for a successful shopping day.

1. Main Street: The Beating Heart of Shopping

The Main Street is the main shopping street of Noordwijk aan Zee and offers a wide range of stores, from major brands to charming boutiques.

a. Fashion Stores

For the latest fashions and trends, visit several fashion stores on Main Street.

  • Zara: These well-known chains offer a wide range of affordable and trendy clothing for both men and women.
  • Sissy-Boy: A stylish store where you can find beautiful interior items and accessories in addition to fashion.
  • Ben Borst: For quality clothing and timeless pieces, these stores are a must-visit.

b. Boutiques and specialty stores

Besides the big chains, there are also plenty of boutiques and specialty stores on Main Street.

  • Taste: A boutique with a carefully curated collection of fashion and lifestyle products. Here you will find unique items that you won’t easily find anywhere else.
  • By Daan Fashion: This cozy store offers a mix of clothing, jewelry and accessories, perfect for those looking for something special.

c. Shoes and accessories

For shoes and accessories, you can also visit Main Street.

  • Van den Assem Shoes: An extensive collection of shoes for all occasions.
  • Lucardi Jeweler: For fine jewelry and watches at affordable prices.

2. Queen Wilhelmina Boulevard: Shopping with a Sea View

The Queen Wilhelmina Boulevard, right along the beach, offers a unique shopping experience with stunning views of the sea. Here you will find a mix of stores and cozy terraces.

a. Beach stores and souvenirs

On the promenade you will find several stores selling souvenirs and beach items.

  • Beach Store: For all beach supplies such as swimwear, sunglasses, and beach balls.
  • Souvenir shops: Several small stores offer a wide range of souvenirs, from shells and magnets to local delicacies.

b. Art and galleries

For art lovers, several galleries and art stores can be found.

  • Art House: A gallery with an extensive collection of local and national artists. Here you can admire and buy paintings, sculptures and photography.
  • Gallery Noordwijk: Another wonderful gallery exhibiting contemporary artworks by various artists.

3. Inner Court and Parallel Boulevard: Diverse and Local

In addition to Main Street and Queen Wilhelmina Boulevard, there are other shopping opportunities in the Binnenhof and Parallel Boulevard areas.

a. Local boutiques

On these streets you will find several local boutiques offering a wide range of products.

  • Mare Fashion: A fun fashion store for women looking for unique and stylish garments.
  • The Old Craft: A boutique specializing in handmade jewelry and accessories, perfect for a unique gift.

b. Delicatessens

For lovers of fine food and drink, there are several delicatessens to explore.

  • The Cheese Boutique: A store with a wide assortment of cheeses, both local and international. Perfect for a picnic on the beach.
  • Noordwijkse Vishandel: For the tastiest fresh fish, seafood and shellfish. Here you can also go for a quick and tasty lunch.

4. Markets and Special Events

In addition to the regular stores, Noordwijk also offers several markets and special shopping-related events.

a. The weekly market

Every Thursday there is a weekly market in Noordwijk Binnen, where you can find fresh produce and various other goods.

  • Products: Vegetables, fruits, cheese, fish, bread and other fresh produce, as well as clothing and household items.
  • Atmosphere: The market has a cozy and lively atmosphere, perfect for a morning of shopping.

b. Special events

Noordwijk regularly hosts events focused on shopping and local products.

  • Summer markets: During the summer months, there are several summer markets and fairs along the promenade and downtown, with a wide range of stalls.
  • Christmas markets: During the holidays, there are atmospheric Christmas markets with unique gifts, handmade products and culinary delights.

5. Culinary Enjoyment While Shopping

Shopping makes you hungry, and fortunately, Noordwijk offers numerous eateries where you can enjoy a delicious meal or a quick snack.

a. Pubs and lunchrooms

For a relaxing break while shopping, visit several cafes and lunchrooms.

  • Lunchroom Mimmo: A cozy place for a tasty lunch, from freshly made sandwiches to salads and soups.
  • Vesper Hotel Café: For an upscale coffee or tea break overlooking the sea.

b. Restaurants and beach pavilions

After a day of shopping, it is great to end the day with dinner at one of the restaurants or beach pavilions.

  • The Zuiderbad: A beautiful beach pavilion with an extensive menu, from seafood to vegetarian options.
  • The Seagull: For a cozy and informal atmosphere with delicious food and a beautiful sea view.

6. Practical Tips for a Successful Shopping Day

To make your shopping experience in Noordwijk as pleasant as possible, here are some practical tips:

  • Parking: Noordwijk has several parking garages and parking lots close to the shopping areas. Parking garage Noordwijk aan Zee is a central option.
  • Opening hours: Most stores in North Quarter are open seven days a week, but check opening hours especially on holidays.
  • Pin or cash: Most stores accept debit card payments, but it’s handy to have some cash on you for markets and smaller stores as well.
  • Combine with a beach day: Make your shopping trip a complete day out by combining it with a visit to the beach or one of the beach pavilions.

Noordwijk offers a diverse shopping experience with something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the latest fashions, unique souvenirs, or just want to enjoy a day out, you’ll find it all in this charming coastal town. Have fun shopping!



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